Shuki Eilat - Marine Surveyor & Marine Brokerage


Shuki Eilat - Marine Surveyor & Marine Brokerage

Damage surveys and assessments for insurance companies to marine crafts and equipment.

Inspections and assessments of the value of marine crafts and equipment.

Professional advisors to private parties on legal issues (Concerning small marine crafts and equipment)

Advisors and inspectors on purchase and registration of small marine crafts and equipment.

Supervision and handling of small marine crafts of behalf of private parties in all the Israeli marinas.

About Shuki Eilat

  • Bachelor of the Israeli Marine Insurance Institute.
  • Authorized as "Master of passenger vessel" At the Israeli shores by the Israeli Ministry of transportation.
  • Authorized as "Master of passenger vessel" at the Great Lakes of North America by the Canadian Ministry of Transportation.
  • Graduate of handling and supervision of dangerous materials by the "Technion" The Israeli Technical Institution.
  • Graduate of Safety of Marine Containers by the "Technion"
  • Graduate in Marinas management in Canada.
  • Surveyor and managers positions in all the leading marine surveyors companies in Israel.

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Shuki Eilat  – Marine Surveyor & Marine Brokerage

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